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Classic ski lessons in good company is in demand today, as well as learning or deepening skills. You can choose from various skill levels - in this case the skills of each individual can be aquired.

Adults beginners
all day

This courses start every Sunday + Monday

1 day (à 4h)
€ 72,–
2 days (à 4h)
€ 144,–
3 days (à 4h)
€ 199,–
4 days (à 4h)
€ 204,–
1 day (à 4 hours) extension*
€ 35,–

Adults advanced half day

These courses start every Monday

½ day (à 2h)
€ 60,–
2½ days (à 2h)
€ 120,–
3½ days (à 2h)
€ 165,–
½ day extension* (à 2h)
€ 25,–
*applies only to the extension of 3 and 4 day courses
Attention: The ski pass is not included in course price!
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Infos concerning the firs day

Meeting point - Kogel-Mogel Kinderland (Wildkogel Mountainstation)
First day Beginners at 10:10 am / Advanced skiers at 09:45 am (classification)

Times and Dates

Lesson times daily 10:15 am – 12:15 pm & 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

ATTENTION! When you pick up your child, please give notice of departure!

Please put the ticket for the lessons into the jacket of your child and write your phone number on the backside of the card! Please ask your ski instructor AT WHAT TIME and WHERE you have to pick up your child at midday and at the end of the day when the lesson is finished.