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We offer ski courses for 3+4 year olds where best qualified advisors will teach them the basics of skiing in a fun and playful way.

The Kogel-Mogel kids club simply offers more. More safety on the slopes, child-friendly learning tools, specially trained instructors, responsive to the wishes and needs of children.

To discover and experience:
• Practice area in the Kogel-Mogel Kinderland
• Since 2017/18 Kogel-Mogel Kinderland directly at the valley station
• Conveyor belt, carousel, children's parcour
• Fun and Action with Big Foots and Carvelinos
• Kogel-Mogel Kids club
• children's race with a medal and certificate
• Children award ceremony
• Kogel-Mogel kids-button and kids-pass
• kids restaurant with Kogel-Mogel menu
• Helmets, Kogel-Mogel CD, cool souvenirs

The skischool also offers lunch care. The children are supervised from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in the kids restaurant of the mountain restaurants.

Price per day € 13,–
(inclusive lunch and a drink)

Our ability videos will help you to book the right lessons for your child.

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Since 2017/2018 Kinderland Valley Station Wildkogelbahn

As an alternative to extreme temperatures and stormy days, we use our newly designed ski school meadow beside the valley station of the Wildkogelbahn. The new snowmaking system ensures the operation of the ski lift and the conveyor belt.

Private lessons for beginners in the valley are possible at any time!

Ski course for children (3+4 years)

1 Day (à 2,5h)
€ 93,–
2 Days (à 2,5h)
€ 186,–
3 Days (à 2,5h)
€ 232,–
4 Days (à 2,5h)
€ 242,–
5 Days (à 2,5h)
€ 252,–
Our ability videos will help you to book the right lessons for your child.

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Attention: The ski pass is not included in course price!

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Ski rental with family package and online discount bookable with our sports partners.
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Parent Information - Children 3 and 4 years

Dear mom, dear dad!
We are very glad that you have registered your child to the ski lesson.
We want to promote the motivation!
It is our goal that your child is enjoying skiing and staying in the snow at the end of the week. Please be patient if we are “just playing” together!

Your child is now on skis for the first or second time. Especially at the beginning PATIENCE is on the top of the list. Your child has to deal with lots of new impressions.
On these first two course days our youngest guests are not skiing all the time.

Depending on Season and Weather we have the meeting point on Top or at the bottom Station!

It is very important that you allow the ski instructor to take on responsibility for your child, in order to build a trusting relationship. As long as mom and dad are there, the ski instructor will never get the full attention.

If you come back 10 minutes before the course ends, we ask you to praise your child for every little step.

If a child can´t calm down anymore, which of course happens more often at this age, we will take care of the child separately. As soon as possible we try to ski again.
Our experience has shown, that children at this age learn best through repetition.
Our Kinderland is ideally suited for this. Be patient and give your child as much time as necessary to grow into a skier. Several ski days are necessary to reach that goal.
We wish you a nice holiday in the Wildkogel-Arena!

Infos concerning the first day

Meeting point - Kogel-Mogel Kinderland (Wildkogel Mountainstation)
First day Beginners at 10:25 am / Advanced skiers at 10:15 am (classification)

Times and Dates

Lesson times daily 10:30 am – 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Lunchtime If you want we can also supervise your child at midday from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Children get a midday meal & a drink in the children´s section of the restaurant.
Race & award ceremony We arrange a race every week. Please ask your instructor for the time and place of the race as well as the time of the award ceremony.

ATTENTION! When you pick up your child, please give notice of departure!

Please put the ticket for the lessons into your child’s jacket and check the phone number on the backside of the card! Please ask your ski instructor AT WHAT TIME and WHERE you have to pick up your child at midday and at the end of the day when the lesson is finished.